Get Solar with HVAC

Combine Comfort
with Savings.

Imagine living in a home where every room is always just the right temperature, and rather than worrying about rising energy bills, you actually see savings every month… That dream is a reality waiting to unfold with Moov Solar and our esteemed allies at Pilgrim Heat and Air!

A Fresh Start with a New HVAC System

Getting a new HVAC system is like giving your home a refreshing new start. Today’s systems are all about giving you perfect, efficient comfort. They run quietly in the background, utilizing less energy while still ensuring each room is perfectly cozy. And with modern tech like smart thermostats, you can adjust your home’s comfort level with a simple tap, saving even more on energy while enhancing your living conditions.

Better Financing with HVAC and Solar

Choosing to update your HVAC system with Pilgrim Heat & Air and Moov Solar isn’t just a wise choice for comfort, it’s also a clever financial decision. While updating an HVAC system can sometimes strain your wallet due to conventional loan structures, we have devised a way to smooth out the financial pathway.

Bundling the cost of your HVAC system into our thoughtful solar loans, you’re not just investing in reducing your carbon footprint and securing reliable energy; you’re ensuring that your monthly payments are manageable, potentially even less than your existing electricity bill! All while locking in your energy costs, shielding you from future utility price hikes.

A Heritage of Expertise with Pilgrim Heat & Air

The inclusion of Pilgrim Heat & Air in your journey towards a cozy, efficient home opens a chapter of legacy and unparalleled expertise. Pilgrim, with its inception in 1978, brings to the table a staggering 45 years of combined experience through the dedicated efforts of Tim Hamilton. Pilgrim’s commitment doesn’t merely end at providing stellar services and solutions; it’s about helping you, the customer, navigate through informed decisions regarding your residential and commercial needs, ensuring that every step taken is a step towards enhanced comfort and optimized utility.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Better, Greener, Cooler living

The path Moov Solar paves for you isn’t merely about installing top-tier equipment; it’s about providing a 360-degree service that takes into account every nuance of your transition to solar energy. We guide you to maximize federal tax credits and offer a potential $500 cash-back bonus with our favorite financing options.

With your newly efficient HVAC seamlessly warming and cooling your home and your Moov Solar installation taking care of your energy needs, your home becomes a model of efficiency and economical operation. Furthermore, every step of your solar journey is enveloped with our robust 25-year warranty and diligent maintenance services.

Embark today with Moov Solar and Pilgrim Heat & Air, navigating towards a future where your home is a sanctuary of comfort, your ecological impact is minimized, and your financial outlook is stable and predictable.

Combine Solar with HVAC

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